Dr Maharazu Ibrahim – Director, University Advancement

In a bid to advance the course of the University in its core mandate, which would be recognized globally, the Directorate of University Advancement was established by the current Vice Chancellor, Professor Muhammad Tanko in 2017. Although, the Units under this Directorate have been in existence, their performance had never been encouraging. The aim therefore is to have a functional and well organized Directorate that will coordinate the activities of these units and bring innovations to their practices in order to strengthen them for a better performance.

It is a fact that the major challenge of higher institutions of learning in the developing world is in the area of human and material resources, hence the need for collaboration with similar institutions and other stakeholders at national and international levels in the area of conducting quality research, staff and student exchange, human capacity building and mounting development projects.

As knowledge and academics are dynamic and constantly evolving on a daily basis; this call for continuous strategizing in the area of providing assistance and guidance on issues relating to external liaison and development of solid and concrete relationships to enhance the quality status of the University.

Objectives of the Directorate of University Advancement

  1. To source for linkages and collaborations with relevant organizations nationally and internationally for a mutual benefit.
  2. To attract funds and support from all the stakeholders within the country and external decent sources for institutional development.

Structure of the Directorate of University Advancement

The Directorate of University Advancement has two units and is domiciled in the Office of the Vice Chancellor. The Units and their responsibilities are as follows:

Linkages and Collaboration Unit

The quest to provide a platform to seek, cultivate and administer opportunities for linkages and collaboration with other institutions, agencies, corporate bodies both in the National and International contexts while facilitating internationalization of  Kaduna State University’s  activities impelled the restructuring of Linkages and Collaboration Unit by the current administration. The key mandate is to improve global visibility and facilitate access to interventions, Public Private Partnership for infrastructural development, development of partnership agreements (MOUs), enhance service delivery by means of skills acquisition by faculty members, other staff and students as well as expansion of the University’s revenue base through the collaborations. Specifically, the mandates include the following.

  1. To link the University with other academic institutions and recognized bodies, within and outside the country for promotion of teaching and learning.
  2. To secure collaborations and partnerships in the area of research between departments and faculties within the university, with other national and international institutions as well as government and non-governmental organizations within and outside the country.
  3. To source for sponsorship for staff of the University for Higher Degrees, short term research and attendance at workshops and conferences, locally and abroad from government organizations, foreign institutions, international donor agencies and individuals.
  4. To establish staff and student exchanges and other technical cooperation with other institutions locally and abroad.
  5. To handle applications for affiliations from other institutions and make appropriate recommendations to Management.

Advancement Services Unit

The desire to spearhead the establishment of meaningful relationships with both individual and corporate stakeholders towards supporting programmes and activities that seek to facilitate the overall mission of the University lead to the major reorganization of the Advancement Services Unit. The Unit initiates programmes and activities that are aimed at cultivating the University’s teaming alumni as well as carrying along students while on campus to appreciate giving back to the institution as graduates. The unit is also responsible for developing institutional proposals, compiling and preparing reports associated with funded grants, and writing of other advancement-related materials. It ensures that the University’s successes and aspirations are effectively communicated to both the internal and external stakeholders. The Unit provides support for all areas including database management, potential donor research and financial recording and stewardship of gifts. Specifically, the responsibilities of the Unit include the following:

  1. To create and update a database of prospective targets.
  2. To keep in touch with those prospects such as Alumni, the University Community, Friends of the University and other stakeholders.
  3. To attract funds and support from external decent sources for institutional development and to ensure that donors are properly acknowledged.
  4. To properly brand the University and to market our prospects where needful.
  5. To serve as platform of continuity for successive University administrations.

Dr Yakubu Haruna Jae – University Advancement Officer