The KASU Library Information Systems and Services is a leading center for current information resources and information services in African sub-region.

The approach to library and information services offered by KASU stands out from other library institutions in Nigeria and in African sub-region. For instance, we have an underlying philosophy of stocking books and other information resources from reputable publishers. KASU library do not compromise quality at the expense of quantity. While other university libraries in Africa sub-region may have huge collections that are of archival significance, KASU library is focused on building current collections that is critical for advancing knowledge and scholarship for solving complex 21st century challenges.

KASU library has innovative information systems and information service programs.  The nationally accredited academic programs of KASU takes pride of the information resources and information services offered by KASU library.

KASU library offer customize individualized and group information services that support faculty to facilitate teaching, engage in cutting edge research, and in the diffusion of learning.

KASU library is customer centric and technology savvy. Our focus is on users, and on designing services that will satisfy the information needs of our users.  KASU library adopt and use the latest information and communication technologies to deliver information services. We integrate information and information technology in the delivery of information programs and services. KASU library staff combines skills, capability, expertise, proficiency, and know-how in library science, information systems, computer science, learning and education, media technology, digital media, hand held devices, and wireless technologies.


Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 08:00-18:00
Saturday: 09:00-16:00
Sunday: 13:00-18:00

Voice Services
+234 8121 212 144
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It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the Kaduna State University Library Systems and Academic Information Services. Whether you are a lecturer, student, visiting faculty, or a guest at KASU the University Library Systems and Academic Information Services is well positioned to support your academic and scholarly success through our wide range of collections, services, and spaces (physical and virtual).

The Kaduna State University Library Systems and Academic Information Services is committed to actualizing our vision of being one of the best in Africa and globally. In this sense, we are situating our library as an active partner in improving teaching, learning, and research in KASU. Over the last six month our staff have undergone rapid transformations with emphasis on result and achieving optimal productivity. Consequently, KASU Library pride itself of having dedicated staff that offer wide range of academic information services that directly support two key activities:

(1) the teaching and research requirements of lecturers, and
(2) the learning, and research needs of students.

In this sense, I encourage you to take advantage of the expertise of our library staff though the following services that we offer: workshops (link), individual consultations (link), and orientation sessions. research data management, e-journal publishing, repository services, among others.

I extend my warm invitation to you to explore our first-class collections of thousands of textbooks and over 30 million electronic books, journals, databases, archival materials and special collections. Our distinctive collections provide lecturers, students, and scholar’s exclusive opportunities to consult information resources from reputable publishers. You will find seminal literature, rare literature and manuscripts, costly textbooks and journals published by Elsevier, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, NOVA SCIENCE, McGraw Hall, Cengage, etc Whatever your research and teaching interest is you will find KASUonline database useful and handy.

If you are a researcher looking for a partner to collaborate in research project you will find KASUCollaborate handy. If you are looking for literature in specific subject area you will find our KASUlibraries useful. Tired of studying in wooden chairs and not too welcoming environment environment? You will find KASUKnowledgecommon a perfect alternative.

Looking for audiovisual to support teaching? KASUMedia Commons provides hundreds of media clips, video, and audio to support teaching and learning. Want to publish in high impact journal? You will find KASUPublish indispensable! Is your computer or tablet out of order stalling your progress in research and/or learning? Do not worry—we offer through our LIBTECSERVICEs circulating laptops and tablets/iPads services. We also offer collaborative study spaces services, solo workstation space services among other services.

Feel free to try your hands on KASUSearch—it provides you with information resources to support your teaching, learning, and research needs—from a single search box. For news and updates about our services click on…http://libr. We at KASU Library understand that navigating the information landscape in 21st century can sometimes be confusing and intimidating—click on our tab “Ask an academic information specialists” to chat live with one of our information resources consultant.

Our information consultant are available to help lecturers, scholars, and students. Are you an international researcher outside Nigeria interested in literature or data about Kaduna State or Nigeria please contact us at……

As KASU student you will find our course pack handy. For each class our dedicated library staff in consultation with course lecturers have carefully developed a course pack—a blend of book chapters, articles, case studies, the instructor’s manuscript, images, video clips, sound files, and more.

In the next 12 months beginning from September 2017 with the support of the KASU Vice-Chancellor the KASU library will be working on a renewal blueprint that will allow us to provide spaces that accommodate a variety of learning styles and requirements, emphasize services that enable the successful navigation of the digital information resources, position KASU librarians to partner with lectures and scholars in the full life-cycle of research.

Welcome to the University Library System again and please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, questions, or feedback via email

Information Service in Support of Teaching

Information Service in Support of Learning

Information Service in Support of Research

Our highly motivated staff are always available to collaborate with university community developing research guidelines, instructional modules, resources pages. Learning Services is part of the Library Services. We provide support for taught course students and teaching staff through a number of services. Our library plays a social and intellectual roles by bringing together people and ideas. This is distinct from the practical role of sharing resources.

To be one of the best customer centric institution providing unrestricted access to (a) information resources (b) information services, and (c) information and communication technologies for advancement of knowledge and human capabilities to solve 21st century complex challenges.

To empower people with information. To provide unrestricted access to information for global peace, well being, and advancement of mankind.

To accomplish our Mission KASU Library has Four (4) principles that forms our Institutional Value. This Values guide our activities everyday

  • Innovation: We make information available through innovative non-traditional ways
  • Customers: Our First responsibility is to customers. Accordingly we listen and also anticipate the need of customers
  • Timely: Doing the right thing right, first time, on time and every time
    Teamwork: Cooperation, teamwork and good leadership

Visiting KASU library information systems and services is a great opportunity to get to understand the services and the information programs we provide. Feel free to schedule a visit to talk to our information consultants, librarians, and subject specialists. We will be more than glad to welcome you!

We can customize your visit to suit your specific needs and interest.

As a lecturer you can scheduled a visit to include any of the following:

  • KASU pride itself with having seminal literature in diverse academic field. You can arrange for a meeting with KASU digital and e-book librarian on how you may benefit from our collections of seminal literature in your academic and scholarly field
  • KASU library has vast collections of full text digital books. You can arrange to meet with our digital e-book consultant/subject specialists to discuss how you and your students can benefit from KASU library e-book services
  • You are most welcome to KASU library to discuss how you can benefit from the range of services we offered including:
  • KASU library services in support of high impact journal publications
  • KASU library services in support of teaching
  • KASU library services in support of research
  • KASU library has a robust media unit that has educational videos, documentaries, images, audio lectures in diverse field. To enrich your teaching and learning experiences feel free to schedule a meeting with KASU media consultants for educational media in agriculture, medicine, forensic accounting, etc.
  • KASU library spends hundreds of thousands yearly subscribe to online and offline databases containing the most up-to-date information published in reputable journals. You can schedule an appointment to meet with our e-librarian for latest information in your area of research
  • Meet with our customer service specialist to arrange for:
    • one to one interaction space with your postgraduate and undergraduate students
    • group interaction space interaction space with your postgraduate and undergraduate students

As a Student you can visit us to enjoy a wide range of services, such as:

  • KASU library offer the following services:
    • assignment help services to undergraduate and graduate students
    • Collaborative study space services where students can discuss and debate on an issue
    • Peer study space services
    • Information services in support of project, thesis, and dissertation writing
    • Plagiarism detection software services
    • Full text e-book services

Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim Musa

Abdullahi I. Musa is the University Librarian Kaduna State University Library System and Services, He was a former Interim University [...]

Magoi, Joshua Sani CLN, MNLA

(Senior Librarian) Head Reader Service Responsible to University Librarian for the daily activities of the University’s Library. Magoi [...]

The mission of Kaduna state university library systems and services is to support teaching, learning, and research. This is accomplished by providing world-class information resources and information services to faculty, students, and scholars.  The Kaduna state university library systems and services have an underlying philosophy of providing services that satisfy customers beyond expectation.

The Kaduna state university library systems and services are committed to providing exceptional customer services and are dedicated to the following customer service manifesto:

KASU Library Customer Service Manifesto

  • Adopt and promote a customer-oriented philosophy
  • Identify the teaching, research, and scholarly needs of lecturers
  • Identify the learning and research needs of students
  • We provide individualized personalized services to lecturers, students, and staff
  • We treat our customers—students, lecturers, and scholars with dignity and respect
  • We consider our customers as the most valuable asset. All of our resources, time, and energy is directed at serving our customers.
  • We operate and maintain a customer care office 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.
  • Our call center is open each working day responding to the needs of customers promptly and with swiftly.
  • If you have questions or if you require any service feel free to contact us:
  • Walk-in at anytime

KASU Library has Information resources in the following formats

  • Hard copy Resources
  • Online Resources
  • Offline Resources
  • Databases
  • Educational Videos
  • Audio Resources

To access our Resources Please use the Search bar below.

Tips on searching: Type in the search box below the Keywords of the Information you’re interested. For example

if you are looking for on sustainable urban water supply, you can type in keyword in the following words: Urban water supply or sustainable water supply, or water supply sustainability

KASU Publish Discipline specific, multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary journals.

Kaduna State Library Systems and Services is glad to present KASU Journals for access to the global scholarly community for free. Below are the journals arranged alphabetically and by subject discipline


Faculty of Arts
KADA: A Journal of Liberal Arts

Department of History
Kaduna Journal of Historical Studies

Department of French

Department of Arabic

Department of Islamic Studies
Al-sahwah Islamic Journal

Department of C.R.K

Department of Nigerian Languages
Kadaura, The Heroes And
Heroines and Hausa People.Languages &

Department of English
Voices and African Journal of Humanities


Faculty of Sciences
Science World Journal

Department of Geography
Kaduna Journal of Geography
Studies in climate change,
physical & human resource utilization
and development in Nigeria

Department of Biology
KASU Biotropic Research
International Journal


College of medicine
Archives of Medicine and Surgery


Entrepreneurship Center
Journal of Entrepreneurship Research & development


Faculty of Social and Management Science
KASU Journal of Social Science and KASU Journal Management Science

Department of Sociology
KASU Journal of Sociology

Department of Economics
Journal Of Economics and Development Studs

Department of Political Science
Kaduna Journal of Political Science

Department of Accounting
KASU Journal of Accounting Research & Practice

 Department of Business Administration
Kaduna Business & Management Review