The Central Administration

This term is usually used to refer to the tripod of the offices of the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar and the Bursar.

  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Office: This houses the units which, are directly under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor and not being full departments on their own . These include Security Information, Information and Protocol, and Internal Audit.
  • The Registrar’s Office: accommodates various sections to service the secretariat of the Council, Senate, University Tenders Board, etc. as well as to service various academic operations, establishment matters, student services, etc. 
  • The Bursar’s Office: otherwise known as the Bursary, maintains the various financial units and functions as set out in the Financial Procedure Manual of the University. 
  • Committee of Deans: The Committee of Deans serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice Chancellor on the implementations of the University budget, staff training and development, conference attendance, University seminars and workshops and all matters of policy that deal with day-to-day management of the University.