KASU Earns International Accolades for Master of Procurement Programme

In a historic achievement, Kaduna State University has secured international accreditation from the prestigious Chartered Institute of Procurement in the United Kingdom (CIPS) for its Master of Procurement Programme for the 2023-2024 academic year.

This landmark accreditation positions KASU as the first and only university in Nigeria to receive such recognition.

The accreditation not only solidifies KASU’s commitment to academic excellence but also opens new doors for its graduates. With the CIPS accreditation, KASU graduates are eligible for exemptions from exams and can be conferred with the esteemed title of “Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply” (MCIPS) without the requirement to write an examination within the traditional three-year timeframe.

This recognition sets Kaduna State University apart, showcasing its dedication to providing world-class education and aligning its procurement programme with global standards. The waived examination requirement expedites the process for students, enabling them to achieve MCIPS status sooner than their counterparts in other institutions.

Moreover, the CIPS Certificate, earned through this accreditation, holds international recognition in over 120 countries. This not only enhances the value of KASU’s Master of Procurement Programme but also positions its graduates for global opportunities in the field of procurement and supply chain management.

The Vice-Chancellor of Kaduna State University, Prof. Abdullahi Ibrahim Musa, expressed immense pride in this accomplishment, emphasizing the university’s commitment to producing highly qualified professionals who can compete on the global stage. He also praised and thanked Dr Ibrahim Labaran Ali, a former Head of the Department of Procurement for the role he played in getting the certification.

This accreditation serves as a testament to KASU’s dedication to staying at the forefront of educational innovation and industry relevance.

As the only university in Nigeria with CIPS accreditation, Kaduna State University has not only elevated its standing in the academic domain but has also created a pathway for its students to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of procurement and supply chain management.


Adamu Nuhu Bargo
Public Relations Officer
Kaduna State University

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